En sång & en dansman

Det här kan vara det roligaste jag läst på länge:

Jewish Facebook group gets pranked, group name changed to ‘Hitler: Great Modern Man of History’

Friday, March 27th 2009, 11:11 AM

Someone played a cruel joke on a Jewish group on Facebook.

The name of the ”I Heart Jews” Facebook group, which had 2,000 members, was suddenly changed to ”Hitler: Great Modern Man of History,” according to New York’s WNYW-TV.

The members were not amused.

Fox News reports:

”It’s disgusting. It’s despicable,” said former ”I Heart Jews” member Wendy Erdheim. ”Like, who would ever do that?”

Another person posted, ”Is this a joke? Because if it is not I am absolutely appalled.”

”One would have to say that it’s premeditated and that the intent was there from the beginning,” said Mark Weitzman of the Simon Wiesenthal Center.

A Facebook spokesman told Fox News that the social-networking site does not ”allow groups that are hateful or threatening” and ”will remove these as quickly as possible.”

The name was changed to ”I Love Jews” recently.

Och inte helt olik en viss A-mann

Och inte helt olik en viss A-mann



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